Overview about America's development of FREEDOM for its citizens


TRUE! Americans cannot diminish the importance of understanding why it is necessary to have a properly qualified “President of The United States” (POTUS)

The Founding Fathers worked long and hard to produce a set of American citizen rights that were to be entrenched in the will of the people.  The Founders did their job to prevent Americans’ loss of their FREEDOMS. American citizens have a heavy-duty on their shoulders to do, and that duty is to defend their “UNALIENABLE RIGHTS” given them by the creator. This duty is not a game…it is not funny…it is serious…deadly serious because it involves the spirit of America now and for the future.


Once one learns what requirements are needed to hold the American president’s office then one needs to know WHY “True Americans” demand that American “Unalienable Rights” shall be adhered too else the greatest Republic ever created can be DESTROYED by the “RAT/USURPER”.  The “DE FACTO POTUS” has stated that AMERICAN RIGHTS… ARE PROVIDED BY A POORLY WRITTEN ‘CONSTITUTION’ AND THAT HE IS GOING TO CHANGE AMERICA TO A COUNTRY LIKE; VENEZUELA, CUBA, FRANCE, U.K. ETC. Countries that are ALL failures in this modern world.